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To help select your size please use the size guide below. Clients who are in-between sizes we recommend going up a size for a better fitting. Most of our pants runs small we strongly recommend going up a size. For information on what size the model ( Farry ) wearing please check the the style product description. We enter the detail on Farry's hight, weight and how it fit on her. For inseam details check the pants description. 

Model info:

Farry's height 5'1. Weight 125lbs.

Fitted top wears size M.

Oversized top wears size S.

Workwear pants wears size M.

Jeans wears size 5. 

Cream Brown Dark Brown Minimalist Elegant Simple Boyfriend Jeans Size Chart Facebook Post
Cream Brown Dark Brown Minimalist Elegant Simple Boyfriend Jeans Size Chart Facebook Post

While fashion clothing terminology can sometimes be challenging to decipher, the most important part about a piece of clothing is how it fits on you. Here's few important informations about clothing sizes, clothing terms Farry uses in the product descriptions.

Commonly Used Words

Clothing size charts can also be broken down by clothing items, styles and different cuts. Understanding the terminology used to describe SIZES and FITS will help you choose the best fitting apparel.



Regular: For women, this typically refers to women 5’4”-5’7 ½” tall, with hips slightly larger than bust and in sizes that range from 00 to 14 or 16 for numeric sizing and from Small to Extra Large. 

Petite: Women between 4’11-5’3 ½ . This is not only for shorter women, but for women who are smaller in general. The clothing is proportioned for a smaller frame, with shoulder widths and sleeve lengths scaled down. 

Short: Short sizes for women usually indicate a shorter length, without having overall smaller proportions. They are often indicated by an S after the letter size.

Tall: This is for taller women between 5’8”-6’ ½” and men 6’1” and taller. Torso and sleeve lengths tend to be longer for tops; inseams and trouser lengths are longer for bottoms.

Curvy Babes: This is for women sized 12-24, and XL-4XL (instead of small, medium, and large). Numerical sizes are also often designated with a W at the end, as in 12W-24W. Apparel is generally roomier throughout and fits a curvier frame better.


Relaxed: relaxed fit clothing, also known as oversized or boyfriend-style clothing for women, is clothing that hangs more loosely from the body. They tend to be deliberately slightly oversized and are typically used in relation to tops, usually button-up shirts, or trousers. Men’s jeans often come in relaxed fit and have a fuller cut through the hips and legs.

Slim: Slim-fit clothing is meant for a closer fit to the body, form fitting, slimmer and more tailored.

Rise: The term rise, usually used as “low-rise,” “high-rise” or “mid-rise” is used to describe the distance from the waist to the crotch on pants. Low rise pants sit low on the hips while high rise sit at or even above the natural waist.

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